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PostSubject: Download   Fri Mar 12, 2010 2:12 am


Errors while trying to start the application?
Then you need .Net Version 2 Framework and WinPcap.

Changing Delay
Right click the icon in the task bar.
Enter your desired value into the text box and press Enter.
If the text box is disabled it means the program cannot find Warcraft III.

Switch Languages
Right click the icon in the task bar.
Click Options then click on the desired language from the drop down menu.

Change NICs
Right click the icon in the task bar.
Click Options then click on the your primary NIC from the drop down menu.

In game Commands
To use in game commands type the command then wait ~0.5s then press enter. A sound will be played to indicate the command was detected. Depending on the command, another sound may be played to indicate the command has finished processing.

Checking delay

Usable by players and host (in the game lobby and whilst in the game).

Changing delay
!dr 70

Use /drlp to get the last results (it will be put in the clipboard)

Country checks
Use /drlc to get the last results (it will be put in the clipboard)


* You dont have to remake the game if you forget to open W3DR, you can just open it while in game and change the latency.
* You dont have to have W3DR open the whole game. Change it once and all future games will be delay free (until you close Warcraft).
* This is only for the host, if the host is not using W3DR then you will have delay, if the host is using W3DR then all players will have reduced delay (even if players dont have W3DR).
* Players using GGC, LC, Hamachi and LAN can reduce delay using W3DR.
* Vista users need admin privileges.
* My ping method uses the same method as ping.exe (32 bytes), for reference; banlist uses 18 bytes so my pings will probably be a little bit higher. Times out at 1000ms.
* If you only use English and dont want the Language menu to appear or dont want the language folder then just delete the Language folder in your W3DR directory.
* It might be a good idea to put [DR] in the title of your games so others will know they are joining a delay free game, it also allows players who only join delay free games to easily identify games.
eg. [dr] ap pros, banlisted,
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